Beer & Cider Bottling

Each week, we fill more than 6 million bottles of beer and cider at our state-of-the-art plant in Cheshire plant.

Controls and testing at every stage of the process ensure each and every bottle of beer and cider consistently meets the high level of quality that our customers and consumers demand.

This is how we do it:


The process starts with the tanker arriving. As soon as the handbrake is on we test the beer or cider, which must meet all pre-determined specifications before the automated process technology allows us to offload.

The flexible hose that connects the tanker to the intake bay is the only manual connection in the whole bottling process. From there, the routing is fully automated through double seat mix-proof valves, which ensures the integrity and quality.

Through our dissolved oxygen control - unparalleled across the globe - we then displace all air from the pipework with deoxygenated water to ensure that oxygen pickup is negligible.

After the quality of the beer or cider has been confirmed by the laboratory for a second time, it passes through a plate heat exchanger to be cooled to a filling temperature of 2°C. (Carbonation and ABV adjustment using deoxygenated water can also take place at this point, as required.)

The beer or cider then passes through in-line ABV and oxygen meters, and on to double pre-evacuation counter pressure fillers, which guarantee that all products achieve best possible total in-pack oxygen (TIPO) levels.

Lastly, the filled bottles enter our pasteurisers, which protect the 'freshness' shelf life of each bottle.

Our plant is fully compliant with European Hygienic Engineering Design Guidelines (EHEDG) and achieved British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety Grade A on its very first inspection.